Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Christening Cake - The Dry Run

When my friend Sharon asked me to make a christening cake for her little boy Harrison's party in September I was thrilled!  But then I panicked, I'm more of a cupcake afficionado I've never done a big fancy cake.  So I enlisted the help of my mother, she can turn her hand to anything, to produce a test cake.

This was my first time covering a cake with sugarpaste and first time making a tiered cake.  Here's the finished product, had some trouble getting a smooth finish with the icing, but managed to cover it with a ribbon!  Also the bear's a bit dodgy. 

I'll be posting the real deal in September, wish me luck!


Cats_cupcakes said...

This is looks fab! I'd love to try making a cake like this but like you would probs have to ask my mum for advice..otherwise i wouldnt have a clue!

thegilzo said...

Thanks Cat. Mum's are always good at everything. I kinda wish my friend just asked for cupcakes!

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